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 School Budokai - Fighter's RPB

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PostSubject: School Budokai - Fighter's RPB   August 29th 2009, 14:54

The Story
Made concise for your convenience.

In 1993, the Phillip C. Ryker High School was erected by the man who funded it; also the principal after it was constructed. At first, the institution was meant to be a center to help problem children. However, things quickly got out of hand when all the problem children in the area flocked to the school. Their motive? Fighting. Fighting was the greatest joy these children knew, and they did it day in and day out. Mr. Ryker tried desperately to stop the problem, but to no avail.

Eventually, the school's reputation spread across the country, and fighters across the country moved to the institution for a piece of the action. In 1997, after the principal, Mr. Ryker attempted to stop a fight, he was hospitalized, and never heard from again. Rumors state he had actually been killed, but wanted to keep it secret for the sake of the children. He was a saint to the end, but unappreciated.

Over time, rules began to be set in place. Outsiders looked down at the school as a hive of villainy and scum, but to its students, the building was more sacred than a Cathedral. Honor became the single most important thing a fighter in the school could have, and it was enforced with an iron fist. An unwritten code was also set into stone, enforced. One year after Mr. Ryker disappeared, a woman stepped in to revive the school.

Unlike the former principal, this one loved the violence; even craved it. But she would not join in the fray. Instead, she would simply support it from the sides, not lifting a finger to stop it. A year after she became principal, she held the very first School Budokai, a tournament for the best fighters in the school. The prize? Bragging rights, money, and pride. The tradition carries on today, with two such tournaments a year.

The stage is set, the fighters are here.

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School Budokai - Fighter's RPB
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