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 Tokyo Detective School [Lb]

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PostSubject: Tokyo Detective School [Lb]   August 25th 2009, 06:03

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Detective School is the best school for detectives in Japan and in the
top 3 best detective school of the whole world. It was created by
Tsukino Kaede, the best detective that Japan ever had. The TDS is a
school that is acknowledged by the Japanese Police and the students are
being asked to help with difficult cases every time.

of the Detective School are the smartest in Japan and they are
acknowledged by almost every Japanese citizen. The abilities of those
young detectives are also acknowledges by the FBI, CIA and Interpol.
The students always have with them investigation tools in the KIT
especially made for them. Fingerprint checkers, luminol spray and a DNA
analyzer machine along with their notebooks that are like the badge of
a policeman. Moreover those who are in the Akai team are allowed to
carry a gun and same foes for the professors of TDS.

School though has a great enemy, the Organization 1564, a criminal
organization which is not known to the Japanese police. FBI, CIA and
Interpol have been trying to take them down for at least 20 years but
with no results. Although had managed to catch some of the dangerous
members, they committed suicide in the end. They have committed many
crimes but they have almost never left any evidence behind. They are
thieves and cold blooded killers that always hide their real face under
a disguise when they are out of the HQ. The organization has a special
unit of perfect crime planners. A dangerous branch of them that sells
crime plans to citizens who wish to make a crime but want it to be

The TDS made 4 classes
espacially training them to fight against the orgamization. Aoi Team,
Kiiroi Team, Midori Team, Akai Team. Those teams consist of the top
students of TDS and they are all specialists of deduction with special
talents. Team Aoi and Team Kiiroi are used to fight the thieves and the
Crime planners while Team Midori and Team akai is for the drug dealing
and the assassins of the organization. They are also those that take
over terroristic cases and murder cases that involve serial murders.

the summer break starts the students of the teams have a case to solve.
The FBI made it's move and sent secret agents in Tokyo as well as the
CIA did to catch them. The Interpol sent it's best agent to help the
Tokyo Detective School with anything they need but the agent has to do
it without the detectives realizing it.

Agents that have already infiltrated the 1564 Organization make their
moves giving the information to the Bureau and Company silently. The
Major goal of them is to catch them all and get to the Boss but
unfortunately it is not very easy.

thus this is how the story goes. Murder cases start happening almost
everywhere and Tsukino Kaede sends his students around the districts to
investigate the cases. While the teams are doing a good job solving the
cases they come across the spies and they are confused as to if they
belong to the organization.

on certain attacks happen to the detectives leading the Interpol agents
to reveal themselves and help the detectives before they get killed.
And while they solve the cases the FBI and CIA contact Tsukino-san
giving him the information they had gathered because of a change of
plans by the organization after suspecting that they had FBI and CIA
agents infiltrating them. In order for them not to be revealed they
sent the information to Tsukino-san but with different names and with a
technology that the Organization can't use but only the Detective
School possess.

Who will win this
battle? The detectives? FBI? CIA? INTERPOL or... Organization 1564? And
will the Teams manage to put the murderers in jail? And what about
their love lives? Join and let's solve the mysteries together!

all this conflict though, there are also the simple citizens that live
their everyday life normally and befriend the members of TDS. They fall
in love, go to school, college or they just have plain fun without
having a clue what is going on around them. But since the 1564
Organization doesn't attack on people who do not know about them they
are safe to live their lives normally. Or at least without having to
worry about them since they do not know of their existence anyway.
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Tokyo Detective School [Lb]
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