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 The Cali Academy-X-Men rp [lb]

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PostSubject: The Cali Academy-X-Men rp [lb]   August 29th 2009, 12:19

In Salem Center, New York lies a place for those mutants who look for help, for a haven. Xaiver's School for Gifted Youngsters has opened its doors not only to the public but to the mutant society, the new generation of mutants, descendants of the first generation that deemed the word "Mutants." For many a year the school has been opened, and although it's name has changed, things stayed the same. It was a safe house, a safe school, a family for mutants.

Now, years later Professor Charles Xaiver has decided to call upon the help of some old students, Deanna and Nathan Haile, to start a new school, in a new destination, with the same accord of the first, to help the young mutants of the world and to teach them how to control their powers.

The destination? Berkeley, California.

Come along for the ride and see as a new generation of X-Men rise from the West Coast and the struggles they have along the way. Between schooling, helping save the world, and battling the new threat of Brotherhood that has followed them, the Acolytes, convincing the Exiles to help in their cause, the New X-Men have a lot in store for them.

The Plots:
New X-Men:
Gathering the team - The California Academy for Higher Learning has opened. Amidst the rush of new students, the lengthy conversations between new teachers and the Headmistress' inauguration speech, Abigail, Nathan and Deanna are prepping the sub-basment for the first ever War Room practice, and the tryouts for the first team of New X-Men.

Beginning of the End - Under the new leadership of Sofia Marl (Ursula), the Brotherhood breakaways now known as the Acolytes have begun their active destruction of civilized human society. Locked in their abandoned warehouse, Ursula is desperate to attempt to bring her new recruits up to the standard of the original Brotherhood, hoping to bring ruin to the New X-Men and to California.

Band together - As the mutant phenomenon hits California, the MRD spreads from New York to Berkeley, bringing with it a wave of paranoia in new mutants, those without clans and walls to protect them. As innocents are massacred on the streets by the merciless Sentinels, those without leaders must band together to protect themselves and others, those without a solid cause.

Why join?
* Friendly Staff
* Activity
* No restrictions on imagination
* Affiliations to join
* Many boards to RP in
* Many Out Of Character boards

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PostSubject: Re: The Cali Academy-X-Men rp [lb]   August 29th 2009, 12:20

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The Cali Academy-X-Men rp [lb]
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