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 ~Every Word Left Unsaid~

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PostSubject: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   August 26th 2009, 13:36

Every word left unsaid.

All that I wanted to say
All the things that forever dwell in my head
Taunting me everyday
Haunting me every time I go to bed
Every word left unsaid.

I believe that everyone has the ability to write; poetry, fiction, non-fiction etc. Their just word on a page isn't it? That’s why I never thought that my poetry was something special; all it took was a little heartache a pencil and my trusty notebook. Of course my friends help me out allot giving me their opinion and criticisms, helping me become better. I'll present you –dear reader- my poems in addition that the stories behind them and how I wrote them.

Everyone starts somewhere; I began with a few weak poems they weren’t that good but I picked up some skills, rhyming schemes, how to make a poem flow, a few tricks here and there. I consider this poem as my first success.

~Girl Next Door~
Sitting here a few feet away
Imagining the words that I'd say
To break the ice
She does seem pretty nice
I try not to get lost in here eyes
That doesn’t sound so wise
Cause she's the girl next door

When I see her my heart sinks to the floor
Girl next door
When she gets on the bus
I forget all the fuss
Gotta thing for the girl next door

Sitting here just few desks behind
Trying to keep her off my mind
Wondering what she'd say
If I just said "hey"
I though I learned
Eventually ill get burned
Either way I still gotta thing for her

Cause she's the girl next door
When I see her my heart sinks to the floor
Girl next door
When I pass her by in school
I feel like such a fool
Gotta thing for the girl next door

Finally found the courage to say "hi"
Instead she just passes me by
And went for that other guy
I guess that’s good bye

Now when I see her I laugh at myself
She just a memory like a book at the back of the shelf
And I think
There's plenty of fish in the sea
Somewhere out there there's one for me
One for me
Had a thing for the girl next door

I know it sounds more like a punk song; actually that’s how I wanted to sound like. It’s a very teen situation; I thought it would set the mood right. Now the story behind this one is actually not what you expect, yes there was a girl next door; we rode the same bus from school, but the emotions were never there. I was just sitting there on the bus and the idea just came to me, I took out my notebook and started writing the first stanza and the chorus was written on the bus. This counters what I said about heartache, you don't have to be scared, depressed, heart broken to write a good poem. That stuff just helps getting your feelings across, not necessary but useful. I still feel that the poem needs some work; maybe because it lacking real emotions or that it's not poetic enough I'm not sure.

I'm no stranger to heart break, I think I've been there too many times. Yes it’s a drag but it's also a great source of inspiration, once you get over the pain. My last relationship ended with "I love someone else" and "can we still be friends" how did deal with it? I slid in my old Evanescence tape and sang along to "going under" my cousin dropped by after a while, he saw the look on my face and guessed "she dumped you huh?" we had plans to play some counter strike; I went and released my anger upon them! Not really I'm not that good, but I held my own. After a few rounds of counter I went back home and came across a song by Amber Pacific called "letters of regret" It inspired me to write this.

~My Regret~
I was lost for you
With every moment stood true
I went as far as to say that I loved you
So far away
I guess it wasent enough
I pass these memories that keep playing in my head

On these broken walls tell the stories of
Broken promises
And broken hearts
Pictures fading away but the pain remains
The pain I felt when you said good bye
Open wounds, broken hearts
Please just go away

So I send my letters of regret
Regretting every moment
And so my heart will beat
That empty shell
Is driving me insane
Do I blame you?
Of course not
Just forget me
If you haven't already...

This poem has gone through a lot of changes, and its still far from being right. I wrote it in a confused heartbroken state, and I don't like going over it again, it's sort of my closure.

"Mr. Brightside" one of my favorite tunes by the Killers, I thought it would be cool if I took the structure of that song, and put in my lyrics in it. I used my experience with my ex that I wrote in "my regret" and a crush gone bad situation, all the while trying to find something to hold on to.

Comin outta of the summer break
I was doing just fine
Had to, had to ask her out cause I wanted some
started it out with a crush
How did it end up a crash
it was only a crush, it was only a crush

been single for so long, how did it go so wrong
walking away, the dumbest move I made
Now I wish I could just fade.
But she's with him now;
I'm struck with envy somehow.
I can't take it, its killing me.

Jealousy, driving me to insanity.
Slowly, painfully killing me.
Fading vanishing steadily.
Drowning deeper in misery
drowning in my regret.

Middle of the year,
gone by without shedding a tear
meeting at a debate, kind of felt like fate
it was going so great, dates, phone calls and a song.
How did it go so wrong?
She said we had to talk, and then I went for a walk.

Here I am again, another scar on my heart.
Close these tiered eyes, and try to find
a bright side.
What I'm trying to say here that shit happens, wither we like it or not. I tried to avoid heartache by not asking a girl out, but I ended up regretting. I asked a girl out; she dumped me I ended up heartbroken. Does anything go right? I guess not.

Next poem, next poem…Ah yes! You know when you have that really close friend and all of the sudden for some strange reason that friend changes, they don't talk to you, and they don't hang out with you anymore. Sucks doesn’t it? Well I've had a crush on that friend for like a year and half (school years) I've known her for about nine years, it hurts when a friend leaves you like that. Sometimes you wonder if they forgot you all together.

~Have you forgotten~
Have you forgotten me
Have you forgotten all the fun we had
and all those tears we shed
All the time we spent laughing it out
singing out loud, never giving a damn

why did you
Turn your back on me
how could you
leave me in the dark like that
When did you
turn so cold, suddenly.

Have you forgotten us
Have you forgotten what we had
what we could have been
I thought it was clear as day
looked you in the eyes
but I was too afraid, I couldn't say

why did you
Turn your back on me
how could you
leave me in the dark like that
When did you
turn so cold, suddenly.

I made up my mind
going to ask you why
Then I saw you with him
that's when I found out, that's when I know
but it's ok

Now I know
why did you
Turned your back on me
Now I understand
how you could have
left me in the dark like that

Now I'm just waiting here wishing you could drop by
to say hi or at least explain to me why
you never told me goodbye
I wish you told me but I'm ok, I'm ok...
just don't forget me
Because I'll always remember you
Originally I wanted this to turn out like a song, an acoustic actually. It fits the mood perfectly. I wrote it in the summer of 08. In the summer I have the habit of staying up all night with my hands glued to the controller of my PS3, after a long night of Oblivion I finally turned in at sunrise. I was sleeping on the floor in my brother's room, I started thinking of her, I found a pencil and my notebook and wrote. Of course I had the idea in my mind for a while, I don't just come up with it on the spot, it's a process.

Imagery and symbolism are make a poem deep and meaning full, but sometimes too much makes it a riddle and not enough makes it plain. There is not allot of emotions behind this poem, I was trying out imagery. What better image to use than a rose, a black rose.

~The thorned black rose~

As I walk this path of loneliness.
I gaze at the red roses as I pass by.
Yet they do not attract me with their charm, so fake.
I stop as something catches my eye.
Dark petals, thorns cover its stem.
While others frown or ignore, to me it is something more.
Longing to make it mine, for me such beauty is divine.
But I fear the thorns; I have been pricked too many times.
I vowed to never allow myself to bleed again.

Days pass, things stay the same.
Walking the same cold, rocky, rugged, road
I stop to marvel the black thorned rose.
But I never approach, for fear of the thorns.
I fear to bleed, I fear to feel.
And I continue to watch from a-far.
Another day down the path of emptiness
At the garden I am at loss.
The black rose was no more.
Plucked from the garden, forever out of my sight.
I feel nothing, only more hollow, yet I endure the sorrow
And I continue to walk the path of loneliness ever more

This one doesn't have much of a story to it, I guess the idea just hit me and I wrote it. Still though I'm very proud of this one.
I'm down to my last poem; this one is about my current crush. There is a twist though; she lives halfway across the world. I know its lame; it's pathetic really, but what can I do? They call it a crush because it hurts like a bitch; I never wanted it to happen. Dear reader I present you my latest poem of date. Enjoy.

The distance between us is unreal
Its the distance that's keeping me from telling you how I feel.
How I feel when we talk or when you're not around,
and when you left, how I fell to the ground.

Distance, distance

you believe I'm just a friend. The reason why I never told you is that I'm afraid our friendship might end.
Not a day passes by that I don't think of you, think what if things were different
I wish I could take back every word I have ever sent.

Distance, distance.
The damn distance is killing me.

I'm tired of bottling up these emotions I'll never show.
If continue to wear this mask, you'll never know.
I'll spend the next few nights in tears
Wishing, just wishing, I could get over my fears.

Just be happy.
Please, do it for me...

I wrote this one here, on my laptop. I sat there thinking of something to write about, I wanted to write about her, the idea came to me, the distance. My friends helped me make it better, I like this one, because it’s all true, straight from the heart. Maybe one I'll tell her, one day.

Dear reader this is where we part, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any suggestions or comments you know how to reach me, and I welcome suggestions any time.

Thank you, and farewell.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   August 26th 2009, 15:51

Wonderfully writer poem, wondering where you got the idea from? Truly you should write more we'd all enjoy reading more.

thank you
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PostSubject: Re: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   August 27th 2009, 11:53

Wow! I love these! I look froward to reading more soon! Great job! Thanks for posting!!
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PostSubject: Re: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   August 27th 2009, 13:34

Thank you both for the comments, I really appreciate it. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   September 13th 2009, 15:12

Great poems you should write some more
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PostSubject: Re: ~Every Word Left Unsaid~   

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~Every Word Left Unsaid~
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