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 Chronicles of Greenford( POTC forum)LB

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Greenford( POTC forum)LB   August 26th 2009, 06:54


East India Trading Company comes to Port Royal, a white horse rides
with energy for the sand, observing each of the soldiers of Royal Navy,
an army who was granted him by the King of England to help to fulfill a
mission, to finish with the piracy of the ocean. This man does not need
presentation, only we can call him, " Pirates' killer or the Gray
wolf".With him it takes three orders of execution: One for Elisabeth
Swann, other one for William Turner and the last one for his worst
enemy, the pirate who him marked in the past,the Captain Jack Sparrow,
that now, he is a little busy in recovering certain key to open a
mysterious chest ... that will not rest up to having it in his power,
but in his way he will cross with many rivals, as the Commodore
Norrington, now turned into pirate after being expelled from the royal
navy and many dangers, like the Dutchman´s Captain who has returned to
ask jack that pay his debt.....

The intentions of the England
kingdom don't limit only to stop the threat pirate but to exterminate
it completely. Meanwhile new information about of the so many seculars
broods some pirates, Greenford, is more and more next to the
territories conquered for the crown by the East India Trading Company
and that new objective and new earth it becomes to unify together with
the others that belong to the others of the England kingdom. The
coordinates to reach it are not clear, the pirates doesn't allow to
easily deceive and during the centuries they have studied plans and
hideaways for the them same land, making Greenford an almost
impregnable pirate fortress. The crown cannot afford to leave that
earth among the others that faithfully obey and they are of ownership
of the England, that moor of pirates it is a thorn in the side of the
crown and must be conquered and if not freed by the pirates, that burn
then under the fire of the guns and pierced through by the insensitive
pieces of metal of the weapons. Greenford constitutes a sure and
secular burrow for the pirates, an excellent port of restocking on the
surrounding waters and an earth that the pirates cannot absolutely
Will be war.

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Chronicles of Greenford( POTC forum)LB
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