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 Tales Of Moorwick [lb]

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PostSubject: Tales Of Moorwick [lb]   August 25th 2009, 22:06

poor students from Japan could have chosen a better time to appear in
Moorwick. Or perhaps they were destined to come in such a dark hour?

King has his eyes set beyond the sea, seeking new land and riches. He
has an appetite for war. But the war is not beyond the sea, it is in
his very kingdom...

Taking advantage of the situation, a dark
mage entered the city of Southollow. There, he made an army of demon
appear. The demons feasted on the people of the city, including the
mage. Now that they got their strength back, they desire to cause havoc
in the kingdom.

The humans blamed the other creatures for the
demons. And the King now must calm his people or else he might just
lose his kingdom.


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Tales Of Moorwick [lb]
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