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 ``ALPHABET HOURS - a writing forum

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PostSubject: ``ALPHABET HOURS - a writing forum   August 25th 2009, 13:04

This is not an RPG; we have no plot, or characters to make (other than the
ones you feel you want to create to make your stories). Our goal isn't
to get a thousand members, but to get together a group of people who
enjoy writing in all it's forms -- whether its writing novels,
fanfictions, or even little haikus. I'm a member of many rpgs and I
know what it's like to be pressured into posting, into being forced to
keep active with a topic that has started to lose interest to you -- in
this site, I've attempted to make a place of boundless muse, an
easy-going haven meant for people who enjoy writing, but want that
free-flowing atmosphere that you don't always get in the more advanced
role-playing circles.

In other words we're a procrastinator's best dream.

have boards meant for simply showcasing - where you can post your
poems, your pride's best pieces of work and have other members admire
them. We have boards meant simply for stimulating the mind: which
is better:
a couch or the chair? I've designed this place in
hopes that other people would come to love it as much I already do. I
can advance my work with hard core critiques, or if I just want to show
off, post it in the designated boards. Constantly active, with member
challenges, and Spotlight awards, our goal is to encourage, not
destroy. We celebrate good writing and creativity.

importantly: we're always open for new, exciting ideas. I'm a very open
person, ready to take on the world, so don't be afraid to mention
things, to contact the Admin.

Welcome to the start of your very own interpretive writing forum.

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``ALPHABET HOURS - a writing forum
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