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 The Blog!

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PostSubject: The Blog!   August 25th 2009, 08:35

The Blog... Wow....

|Some of our AwSoMeNeSs|

The Blog! is a chat site with friendly members and all talking.
No one is left out. Our staff keep it well monitored and clean, as do we enjoy
ourselves and talk with the members. One of our coolest things, we let members
have input in things like new rules and big decisions!

Our chatting range includes almost everything one person could want to talk about.
From regular discussion, to debate, and support for not only graphics and codes, but things at home as well!
We have places to post artwork and graphics, as well as stories. We even have a place to talk about
roleplay and virtual games!

We have contests that have great prizes and member parties!
Currently we have Member/Artist/Noisiest/Code Junkie of the Month
and Features like Member RPGs and Chat Forums, artwork, stories, etc. Oh
and did I mention we have features for guests too, well we do!

Home|Rules|About Us|Ad&Aff

What are we?
Blog! Is a site where you can chat, RP or just loung around. If you
have problems just post them and someone will help. Wana rant? Yep we
got that two! We have lots of parties and all that fun stuff! So... The
Blog! + you= Lots more fun! Join now!
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The Blog!
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