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 A Twilight RP (AU Post Breaking Dawn)

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PostSubject: A Twilight RP (AU Post Breaking Dawn)   August 22nd 2009, 04:47

A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN A YEAR. In one year, Isabella Swan fell in love, had her eyes opened up to the horrible truth of the world: that not everyone is as they seem, and that there is a whole world that lives in the shadows. Vampires, for one. Werewolves, and Shapeshifters complete the spectrum, and suddenly the world seemed so much smaller and larger at the same time. And then another year passed, and this one was more peaceful than the last. Or at least, the Cullens had little to complain about. Renesmee, Bella and Edward's half-breed daughter, continued to grow at remarkable rates, the quiet, clever and extremely loved little girl of the Cullen home. Jake became a regular at the Cullen house. Bella proved to be an exceptional newborn, but her newborn strength is beginning to wane as the first year comes to a close, and as some things end, new things begin.

A new coven has come to live in Seattle, a group that the Cullens are unfamiliar with as of yet. But this group brings with it bad news, for the Aphotic have their eyes set on the thrones in Volturra, and will do anything to claim the power that comes with it. But first, they must build up their ranks, and the method varies from one recruit to the next. Across the North American continent over the past year, there have been disappearances. Many have gone unnoticed thanks to many vampires' preference to rome the world by themselves, only occasionally associating with one or two other vampires at a clip. But some have been missed, and the vampire community is beginning to grow suspicious. Something is happening. But the question is, is it merely coincidence, or is it something more sinister?

The Aphotic, a group rub by Jezebel Locke and new comer, Kate Denali, have rounded up a handful of powerful vampires who agree with their vision and have taken hold of a mansion in Seattle's suburbs, out of the way and able to do things the way they want. They use manipulation, blackmail, false promises and grand schemes to gain members in any way that they can. And once their kidnapped members have been brought to the mansion, they are trained for combat. The leaders of the Aphotic intend to bring their followers face to face with Volturra's ancient royalty, shaking the foundation of the vampiric world whether they succeed in the uprising, or if they fail.

But it's not only vampires and shapeshifters that the Aphotic have taken to kidnapping. They need food, and they need labor that can be spared from the combat training long enough to do other tasks. Members of human society, mostly concentrated in the Forks-Seattle-Port Angeles tri-city area, are disappearing. They are used as food, like cattle, to fuel the vampires at the mansion who are not trusted to leave the grounds to hunt on their own lest they run away from their captors. And they are used as secretaries, brainwashed as the humans in the heart of the Volturi's hide out have been. Some the Aphotic even recruit openly, whispering lies of power and fortune for their assistance. The greedy, and the hopefully desperate, will do anything, and follow on as blindly faithful as if they were immortal soldiers themselves.

The relatives of these disappearing humans sometimes notice things. Sometimes they catch a glimpse of the kidnapping, gratefully unnoticed in the heat of the moment. The cover so carefully protected by the vampires throughout the world for so many centuries is slowly crumbling, and although those who know the truth would still be considered mad and thrown into asylums if they went to the police to report the truth, they are proving that humans aren't quite as blind as vampires and shapeshifters alike have for so long believed. Some simply hide, terrified to leave the house alone, especially at night. But others want to fight. They are the sisters, the brothers, mothers and fathers or uncles or best friends, the ones that want their loved ones back whatever the cost. Some of the humans have taken to calling themselves Hunters, and they will stop at nothing.

And as the vampire community stirs within the shadow of a great war, a clash between opposing views, the Children of the Moon stir in Italy from their ancient hiding places. They are few in number now, their population declining rapidly with every passing decade, but they are still there. And they are reacting to the excitement of their ancient enemies, and prepare themselves for the final battle between the races. And although the outcome even Alice Cullen would have difficulty forseeing as the battle lines shift with every passing day, one thing is for certain. No matter the outcome of the war, the world will never be the same place again.

The battle has yet to begin
But what side will you find yourself on?

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A Twilight RP (AU Post Breaking Dawn)
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