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 Fan Fic Rules

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PostSubject: Fan Fic Rules   July 10th 2009, 19:50

Fan Fic Rules

1. Must read forum rules and follow said rules if not your story will be removed.

2. Add type of story and Rating of FF

3. Give a brief description of story, characters, romance, comedy or both. Let viewer know what story is about.

4. If per chance you have sequels please try & post all stories as one. Keep forum from becoming clutter & help your post reads go up. Wink


Tittle GSR~Grissom Lost Love


Tittle Transforumers~They Came Alive

Category: RPG - General
Characters: Other
Rating: G
Genres: Drama, Friendship
Warnings: None

Summary: Blah Blah Blah


Rated above PG-13 please do not post any story rated higher. We have to comply with proboards TOS rules and regulations.

Above PG-13 rated post here set up as guest posting: http://totalentertainment.darkbb.com same rules as here applies.

Next area viewing others stories: Before you can post a story you must first reply to one on forum. (or your's will be move to our secret holding cell) Not a option it's a must in order for all members to get a far shake. Come on we have a few good fics for enjoyment of all.

1.For every story you post or have posted you must reply to another's.

2.When doing so please keep all replies kind and try to respond in a way you would want another to respond to your story.

We want this to be a community that everyone can feel at home.

Thank you all, have any questions pm any of the global admins or mods

Happy Posting
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Fan Fic Rules
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