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 Killer Night

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PostSubject: Killer Night   June 21st 2009, 18:44

A girlfriend going out with her new boyfriend. They are having the time
of their lives, when suddenly it turns dark. The girl meets her
untimely demise in the hands of someone very unsuspected.

We drove up to the local beach, me
and my boyfriend Roy Manson. He stopped his 2003 Night Blue Lexus
convertible then Roy and I stepped out. We gently closed the car doors
in unison and Roy grabbed the cooler from the truck before we slowly
walked down to the beach. I smiled at Roy this was our 7th date so far.

We sat down close to the tide and gazed up at the thousands of
stars in the night sky. There weren’t any buildings around here so
nothing prevented us from really enjoying the beautiful night sky, and
each others company. Roy got out two bottles of beer from the cooler.
He cracked both of them open before handing me one.

"You know Roy, This is so romantic!" I said and took a drink of beer. I looked at Roy’s eyes glittering in the moonlight.

"Only the best for you." Roy smiled, "You’re nothing like my old
girlfriend. She was always grumpy and demanding and snapped for no
reason. She was a killer on my patience. But I handled it." Roy chugged
down half his beer.

"Wait wasn’t she murdered? It was in the newspaper a few weeks ago
wasn’t it?" I looked at Roy I hoped it wasn’t too emotional for him to
remember. I took quite drinks at my beer waiting for him to say

"Yeah it’s a shame." Roy finally said with a sigh, "She was
annoying but she didn’t deserve that. I hear she was beaten to death,
and the police say that by the looks of things it was done by someone
she knew. They never did find the killer though"

Now I was a bit creeped out myself. I cuddled a bit closer to Roy.
With him here with me it was a lot more comforting. He looked at me
with a comforting look and we both finished our beers.

The wind then picked up. Roy and I had left our jackets back in the
Lexus. I told Roy that I’d go get them. He nodded saying that he’s a
bit cold too. I got up and trekked back over to the Lexus thinking
about Roy and how cute he is. He was a great boyfriend. I reached for
our coats when a beer bottle smashed into my skull. I fell on the
ground and bled to death.

"You’re annoying too. You talk too much!" was the last thing I heard.

The police arrived about an hour later. They looked around for
evidence. All they found was the beer bottle with my blood on it and
the Lexus still parked there, apparently all the information relating
to the owner, including picture id was forged. They questioned Roy but
he claims he broke up with me for weeks now.

Roy was at my funeral. He saw me in my casket and get put in the
ground. He spoke a few words of grief to my parent. When the funeral
was over he drove off in his new fire red Mustang and a new girl in the
passenger seat.
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PostSubject: Re: Killer Night   August 4th 2009, 11:42

Wow. That was really good. Intense and very well written. Thanks for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: Killer Night   August 27th 2009, 22:42

Lenita I think have read before and not sure where. Really like how you drag us readers into your writing. You should tease us with more of your shorts.

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PostSubject: Re: Killer Night   

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Killer Night
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