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 Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13

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PostSubject: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   June 21st 2009, 15:51

Characters: David Hodges and Wendy SimmsSetting before For Warrick and after Grissom leftSpecial Note: I do not own these characters but if I did they'd be having a Wedges Moment

Chapter 1

Out to Lunch

“Where you been?” asked Archie, Hodges glanced at him as he strutted into the lab

“Oh around, why did someone say something!? Who's been talking about me!?” Hodges demanded Archie walked out muttering “Ah no one, thought I’d ask where you’ve been.”
starts to giggle, knowing damn well what Hodges was up too.

Hodges went straight to his computer, turning it on he clicked on his email “you got mail.” he loved hearing those three simple words. He’d known before he opened it who’d sent him the email.

Opening it up, it read.

Hodges enjoyed our luncheon, even if it was quirky, I wouldn’t expect any other from you. Call me later =D

He smiled as he closed out his email and walked over and started working on the piled up evidence he needed to test.

Wendy headed to the break room, smiling as she put away her leftovers.Mandy called out “Hey Wendy did you forget our lunch.”

Wendy hadn’t heard a word Mandy said. Her mind had wondered on the last few
hours events. It wasn’t the greatest she’d had. Then it wasn’t what
she’d expected for their first date. She knew she’d see him again.

Yelling back “Um, oh sorry Mandy, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” walking
down the hall and into her lab she quickly sent off a email and went
about her daily duties.

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PostSubject: Re: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   June 21st 2009, 15:56

Burned Out

"Hodges what the.. *Wake Up!*...are you daydreaming again?" Mandy smirked and Henry gave him a shove. "You got it bad for her don't you?"

Hodges couldn't help it, he had always known from the moment he set is eyes upon her lavish beauty she was the woman for him.

"I wasn't daydreaming! Who do I got it bad for?" Hodges blurted out

He knew, they all knew, he was in love with Wendy Simms. How could a woman
of her caliber ever find a meager geek as David Hodges attractive? He
sighed as he picked up the Petri Dish and put it under the Microscope.
The two labrats giggled and headed out of his lab. Hodges looked over at Wendy and moaned.How her skin glittered under the bright lab lights oh wait that's not lights

"Fire..fire Wendy's labs on fire!!!!!!!"
he grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and ran to her rescue. Pulling the nozzle he started to spray everywhere.

"David Hodges what the....!!!" looking around threw the smoke filled room Hodges saw a very angry Wendy. "You jerk! What are you doing?!" she

Everyone came running to see what all the commotions was about.

"I a.....I saw a...a bright a.....there wasn't a......a.....fire?" he stuttered

Wendy and the rest looked at him as they headed out of her lab coughing from the fumes

"You Jerk!! all the evidence is gone!!!!!!! ERRRRRRRRRRRR" she screamed and ran past Hodges.

Everyone giggled under their breath Henry patted Hodges on the back "There... there Hodges you can play night in shinning armor another day"

Hodges "But I saw........oh no!"

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PostSubject: Re: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   June 21st 2009, 15:58

was steaming mad at Hodges, not only for his stupidity, just because.
As she stormed down the hall and headed into the locker room. Mustered
up enough composure, opened her locker grabbing the first pair of pants
and shirt she could find.
Turning around Wendy jumped when she saw Mandy, who for some reason was laughing at the whole scene.
Mandy spoke “Oh Wendy you know Hodges he didn’t mean to. Well he’s Hodges, don’t be mad. You’ll feel better after a shower.”
hugged Mandy and headed towards the woman’s showers. Knowing the stench
of defeat wasn’t far away. She undressed turned the water to hot and
stepped in. Feeling the warmth hit her skin melted away the anger. Soon
Wendy found herself relaxing almost laughing at what conspired not that
long ago.
Drifting away into the warmth of the water, Wendy started to daydream.
looked around, it looked to be a vast, above was a reddish sky, her
surrounding were talk rocks and gravely sand. Where was she? Before she
could ask herself, she notice before here millions of Aliens. Thinking
to herself, this must be a far off planet that no man nor woman had
ever explored. How did she come to this place? Why?
One of the
Aliens grabbed Wendy taking her to a large tent, he tossed her inside
as she feel on the dusty ground, she hadn’t notice a man laying toward
the back of the tent. He was bawled up and tied he was in a deep drug
induced sleep. Before she could say or do a thing the Alien, who she
presumed was the leader tossed her a red silky gown.
“Put this on know!” He commanded of her closed the tent door.
started to undress when she looked around, and notice Hodges. He looked
so peaceful, laying their. His firm chin and sharply cut hair, and his
handsome pressed uniform. She slowly moved toward him, reaching over,
she knew this man, not as Hodges but as Captain……..
“Wendy! Hey
girl you done, we need you back at the lab?” Catherine bellowed, as
Wendy drift back to reality. “Sure Catherine, let me dry off."
Catherine might of notice what Wendy was thinking she grabbed the towel
and dried her face and body off, and briskly dressed.

Walking back to
the lab she spotted Hodges talking to Ray in the break room.
Her heart skipped a beat.
“Oh hush Wendy girl!” She scolded herself kept on walking towards her lab.
More to come very soon working on my fun Wedges plot line
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PostSubject: Re: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   August 4th 2009, 11:45

LOL! I love this story! I can sooooo see Hodges doing that with the fire extingusher. LOL! I was cracking up laughing! LOL!

I hope you update it soon!!
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PostSubject: Re: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   August 27th 2009, 22:44

LOL you captured Hodges and Wendy to a tee. Would love a teaser or another update, want to know if they are ever going to click.

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PostSubject: Re: Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13   

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Endless Dreams-Wedges/CSI PG13
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